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Useful backyard fencing ideas

Useful backyard fencing ideas

Some fences are intended for ornamentation and others are constructed to secure a household. These fences are called privacy fences. These fences are easily customized to fit well on the house exterior by using stains, concealing angles, and various woods. A combination of planted hedges and latticing can also be used to protect someone’s habitat. Ingeniously spaced fencing panel creates absolute seclusion and openness. Privacy is a right that every person is entitled to whereas it might seem difficult to achieve high privacy standards, but it does not mean that someone cannot achieve it within their home.  

Below are different backyard fencing ideas one can utilize:

Wooden fence 

These types of fences are most popular because them being relatively inexpensive. They also come in various styles like stockade, board-on-board, and dog-ear. Use horizontal slats for a more modern fence. The cost of this type of fence various depending on the style and type of wood chosen. If maintained properly they can last for years. Wooden fences are easily adaptable and easier to painting and change color. Is easier to customize wooden fences, add decorative touches or trim to a basic fence. One can buy fence panels or build his or her own for a custom installation. It is important to paint or stain the wooden fence for two to three years to prevent rotting. 

Metal fence ideas

Due to recent trends and their cool look, they have become popular. Most of these fences are made of corrugated roofing materials thus making them tough and long-lasting. Other than corrugated roofing materials one may use other metal panels locally available. They require less maintenance and are an easy DIY project. Is easier to customize them into different styles e.g., installing the corrugated panels on their own, attaching the iron sheet to a brick fence post or a stone, or including a wood framing.

Natural fence ideas.

These types of fences include shrubs, trees, or a combination of natural plants and standard fencing. Commonly used trees e.g., red cedar, and cypress, and shrubs like arborvitae, and lilac grow tall and denser creating a boundary between your neighbor and you. One should not plant these types of fences close to their home as the roots may grow into the foundation of a house. Is also important to consider where to plant them as some of the trees and shrubs do well in full sunlight and others may consider some shade.

Contemporary fence ideas.

These types of fences are made of various materials which are in different styles, most popular are metal woven fences, horizontal wood board on board styles. They are designed to fit different styles of fencing for a backyard. The contemporary fence does not have to fit in with everything in the backyard. One may use any color or material, e.g. one may use a copper look woven fence creating an awesome look. 

Masonry and gabion fence ideas.

This type of fence is for those who prefer the look of a stone hence building a stone or masonry wall. They can be large, mortared stacked stone walls meticulously laid out or a gabion wall made of large rocks inside the metal frames. Gabion walls are simple to build and an effective way when it comes to privacy walls. They are relatively affordable and can be built anywhere on level ground. Gabion walls are made of metal-framed baskets with large stones filled inside. Are stable when built correctly hence does not need a foundation. They can be used in conjunction with standard fence materials creating a dual-textured look or can be used as a stand-alone structure. Bricks, block walls and stacked stones can also be used to build private fences. Apart from preventing onlooker’s views, these structures can prevent the sound transfer from neighboring homes to your home.


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