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5 garden design ideas

5 garden design ideas

If you’ve ever dreamed of having a garden, but don’t have the time or money to make it happen, I’m here to help! In this post, we’ll discuss 5 garden design ideas that will make your backyard a beautiful space for relaxation.

1. low maintenance garden

If you are looking for a low maintenance garden, there are many options that can be beautiful without requiring a lot of time and energy.

A good example is the rock garden. This type of garden is easy to maintain because it requires little watering or weeding. It also provides an interesting contrast between plants and stones, which makes it visually appealing.

2. small space garden

Creating a small space garden can be quite challenging. This is because you have limited space to work with, so it’s important that you make the most of it by choosing plants that work well in small spaces and create an attractive visual appeal.

3. hedge gardens

  • Hedge gardens are a great way to hide unattractive views, and they can be used to create privacy as well. They’ll also give you a sense of enclosure and mystery that can make you feel like you’re in another world. With some careful planning, it’s possible to create an attractive garden using hedges and trees.

4. herb gardens

Herbs can be used for a variety of reasons. They can be used to add flavor to your food, they can be used for medicinal purposes, they can be used as an ingredient in aromatherapy, or they can simply add a touch of beauty to your garden.

Herbs are great because they help you get creative in the kitchen and allow you to experiment with new recipes without spending too much money or time on ingredients that don’t work out. Herbs also help purify air and promote relaxation (especially if you go with lavender!).

5. perennial flower beds

A perennial flower bed is an area in your garden that is planted with low-growing, long-living plants that come back year after year. Perennial flower beds are a great way to add color and texture to your garden without having to worry about yearly maintenance.

Perennial plants are often considered more difficult to grow because they require specific conditions for growth, but this isn’t always the case. The most important thing you need for a successful perennial garden is at least 6 hours of sunlight each day (more is better). You should also have well-drained soil and water regularly so that your plants don’t dry out.

Once you have established these basic requirements, you can start planting! Here are some common combinations used in perennial flower beds:

Gardens seem overwhelming, but they don’t have to be

Unlike the sprawling, manicured lawns found in traditional suburban settings, gardens can be made using all manner of plants and flowers. Gardens don’t have to be large and unwieldy affairs, either. With a little planning and some elbow grease, you can create a lovely garden that’s not only visually appealing but also low maintenance.

Gardens are meant to be enjoyed—and they should reflect your personal aesthetic. If you love bright colors and bold patterns, try planting an herb garden with herbs like rosemary or parsley that will add color and life to your yard while also providing culinary uses for them (rosemary makes a great seasoning!). If you prefer more subtle tones but want something lush-looking without having to water it daily, consider planting something like English ivy along the fenceline where it won’t take up too much space but still adds interest when viewed from afar. If none of these options seem right for your situation or taste preference, there are many other ways plants can help turn your outdoor space into something beautiful:


I hope this article has given you some inspiration for your own garden design. There are a lot of different ideas here, so make sure to pick the one that fits your needs! These designs can be made in any size space and with any budget.


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